Invisible orthodontics are an excellent option for adult patients.

You’ve likely already heard the buzz around invisible orthodontics. Treatment options, such as SureSmile Clear Aligners, are quickly becoming the go-to option to straighten teeth.

More than 4 million Americans are currently wearing braces, and 25 percent of them are adults. Invisible orthodontics provide an alternative to traditional braces and deliver several benefits.

1. Confidence in Your Smile During Treatment

While orthodontics offer direct oral health benefits, many people choose the treatment primarily to improve the appearance of their teeth. This part of cosmetic dentistry can straighten crooked teeth, giving you a balanced, even, and symmetrical smile. However, one thing that turns people off braces is their appearance during treatment.

Clear aligners can solve this problem. The clear plastic is difficult to notice, with the natural shade of your smile shining through. Invisible orthodontics conform to the contour of your teeth as well, unlike braces, which have the brackets and archwire jutting out. The result is your treatment is barely noticeable, so you can happily share your smile.

2. Comfortable Treatment Experience

Your comfort during treatment is another area where invisible orthodontics excel. Traditional braces can cause significant discomfort and even irritation or cuts where brackets touch the inside of your mouth. Clear aligners are smooth plastic, causing no irritation to soft mouth tissues.

You’ll also avoid unpleasant brace tightening and the discomfort that lingers over the following days. With clear aligners, you simply switch to the next set of aligners after two weeks to continue your treatment.

3. No Dietary Restrictions

One of the worst things about traditional braces is the dietary restrictions placed on you during treatment. The brackets and wires provide ample opportunity for food to become stuck—this is uncomfortable and creates oral hygiene issues. Popcorn, caramel, anything with seeds, and even particularly crumbly foods are all limited.

With invisible orthodontics, you don’t have to worry about that issue. Your clear aligners are removable, so you simply take them out when it’s time to eat. You’ll have to brush your teeth before putting the aligners back, but you won’t face any restrictions when it comes to what you eat.

4. A Smile That Suits You

Invisible orthodontics offer incredible results by delivering a smile that’s uniquely yours. The entire process is carried out with your specific smile in mind from beginning to end. From the start, the latest technology is used to evaluate your smile, plan the final results, and develop the treatment plan to get you there.

Your clear aligners are custom-made to carefully guide your teeth into their proper positions over the course of treatment. The treatment plan and the shape of the aligners are based on high-resolution 3D imaging of your smile that captures even the finest details.

5. Improved Oral Hygiene

Clear aligners also make it easier to take care of your teeth during treatment. Traditional braces are notoriously difficult to clean around, even when using special tools just for the task.

With clear aligners, you simply take them out when it’s time to brush your teeth and floss. This helps you keep your teeth and gums healthy during treatment, avoiding tooth decay, staining, and gum disease.

6. Uninterrupted Lifestyle

Invisible orthodontics let you enjoy your life during treatment instead of making compromises like you would have to with traditional braces. This is a big part of why clear aligners are driving increased orthodontic treatment in adults.

Being able to remove aligners as needed makes a world of difference. It makes eating what you want and taking care of your smile so much easier. The discreet appearance also ensures little to no impact on your social life.

7. Faster Treatment

You can enjoy fast results with invisible orthodontics, which offer shorter treatment times compared to traditional braces. Of course, the length of your treatment will depend on your individual case, and you’ll have to discuss this with your dentist.

Not only do you get faster results, but you also spend less time in the dental chair. Instead of dealing with routine brace tightening, you’ll just have a few check-ins to verify the progress of your treatment.

Find Out More About SureSmile Clear Aligners

SureSmile Clear Aligners offer the full range of benefits of invisible orthodontics. You’ll enjoy excellent results, comfortable treatment, and the convenience of this modern approach to straightening your smile. Clear aligners could be the right choice for you, but the only way to know for sure is to visit your dentist for a consultation.

Metro East Dental Care provides SureSmile Clear Aligners, along with a wide range of other cosmetic dentistry treatments. You can schedule a consultation today to find out whether invisible orthodontics is the solution for your smile.