How a Full Mouth Smile Makeover Can Help You

Our smiles are an important part of what makes us unique, but sometimes smiles change due to oral health problems, tooth loss, or injuries. Extensive tooth loss, tooth decay, gum disease, and physical disorders, like temporomandibular joint disorders (TMDs), are just a few examples of dental issues that can change the appearance of a person’s smile.

Although the immediate effects of dental diseases and oral injuries may be irreversible, your smile doesn’t have to remain permanently changed. Full mouth reconstruction can help you rehabilitate and restore your smile, leaving you with a healthy mouth and beautiful teeth once again.

What Full Mouth Reconstructions and Restorations Do

Full mouth reconstructions are also referred to as full mouth rehabilitations or full mouth restorations. Despite the different names, each has the same underlying goal: to help a person regain full function of their smile and achieve optimal oral health.

Dentists form these restorative treatment plans to address smiles that have experienced an extensive loss of teeth, gum tissue, and jawbone structure.

To achieve this, a full mouth reconstruction, restoration, or rehabilitation will:

  • Repair damaged or weakened teeth with restorative treatment
  • Extract diseased or damaged teeth that are beyond saving
  • Replace missing teeth with realistic prosthetics
  • Rebuild lost bone density in the jaw
  • Replace lost gum tissue
  • Correct malocclusion
  • Enhance oral and jaw mobility
  • Protect teeth from bruxism and uneven wear

Common Procedures Used in Full Mouth Reconstruction

Every full mouth smile makeover is customized to match the individual needs of the patient. Your dentist will incorporate different treatments to repair any damage, replace missing teeth, and help you regain a full, healthy smile.

Some of the most common dental procedures used in full mouth reconstructions include:

  • Dental fillings to repair cavities
  • Dental crowns to protect weakened teeth
  • Root canal therapy to treat abscessed or infected teeth
  • Dental implants to permanently replace missing teeth
  • Implant-supported dentures to treat extensive or complete tooth loss
  • Orthodontic care to correct malocclusions
  • Bone and gum grafts to replace lost tissues

Your dentist will only recommend treatments that are necessary for your smile. During your initial evaluation, you’ll discuss treatment options and be able to ask questions about your smile.

Benefits of Reconstruction

A full mouth reconstruction can sound overwhelming, especially if you’ve never undergone extensive dental care, but the results are always worth it! You’ll experience a number of benefits to your oral health, general health, and self-confidence by following through with your dentist’s recommended treatment plan.

Some exciting examples of what you can experience include:

  • A permanent stop to chronic pain, toothaches, and sensitivity
  • The ability to chew and enjoy food you love
  • The ability to speak and laugh with those around you without embarrassment
  • A full, healthy smile with dental implant prosthetics
  • A halt to further deterioration from tooth loss, bruxism, and TMDs
  • Optimal oral health

Full mouth reconstruction, rehabilitation, or restoration isn’t just about fixing your smile from a functional perspective. Your dentist also wants you to feel as confident as possible in how your smile looks and feels. Our team finds that the most rewarding part of every full mouth reconstruction is seeing how happy our patients are after seeing their new smiles.

Full Mouth Reconstruction and Restoration at Metro East Dental Care

The dental care team you choose for your full mouth reconstruction will have a direct impact on your experience and the quality of dental care you receive. For patients in and around Granite City, Illinois, Metro East Dental Care is a place you can trust with your smile as well as your family’s oral health.

Dr. May and our Metro East team strive to make full mouth reconstruction as comfortable as possible for patients. Not only do we treat every patient as if they were family, but we also ensure our office is outfitted with the best in dental technology. You’ll experience this firsthand with our quick, efficient digital imaging process, including our Primescan digital scanner for taking goop-free impressions of your smile.

To schedule an evaluation for a full mouth smile makeover, you can call our office or request a visit online.