Resolve to make your oral health a top priority during the new year.

The start of the new year is a time to make resolutions, and many people choose to focus on their health and wellness. If you are looking for a new resolution that you can follow through with, your Granite City dental office suggests focusing on making your oral health a priority this coming year.

Who is making New Year’s resolutions?

Many surveys show about half of Americans make a resolution every year. According to a Forbes survey in the fall of 2022, many adults, especially young adults, are focusing on their health, with most choosing to focus on their mental health to start off the new year. Half of those 18-41 said focusing on their mental health was at the top of their New Year’s resolutions.

For help with their resolutions, many respondents said they look for support from friends or a support group, and many are using apps to help hold them accountable for keeping up with their resolutions.

But how do you keep up with your resolutions?

Like anything, repetition and accountability are two traits needed to stay on top of your New Year’s resolutions. But you also need to choose a goal that is attainable. If you choose a resolution that is out of reach, you’re more likely not to follow through with the resolution.

Many professionals actually recommend picking a SMART goal to achieve. A SMART goal is:

S: Specific

M: Measurable

A: Achievable

R: Relevant

T: Time-Bound

When choosing your goal or resolution, make a plan of action to help you succeed. How do I define my resolution? How much time per day or week do you need to achieve your resolution? Do you need anything to aid you with your resolution? Can you work on your resolution at home, or do you need to be somewhere else to work on your resolution? How do you measure your success?

Resolve to improve your oral health.

If you are looking for an attainable goal for your New Year’s resolution, consider working on your oral health! The team at Metro East Dental Care recommends these few suggestions for helping to improve your dental care in the new year.

Prioritizing Preventative Dental Care

We all know how important it is to brush your teeth and floss on a daily basis, but preventative dental care isn’t just something you do at home. Make sure you are visiting your Granite City dentist at least twice a year for a thorough dental evaluation. A dental evaluation and X-rays can help the team at Metro East Dental Care find any issues with your teeth, like early signs of cavities, and can jump into action before the problem becomes worse.

Preventing Periodontal Disease

Periodontal, or gum, disease is an infection of the gums and as many as 50% of the population of the United States suffers from periodontal disease. Signs to look for are tender or swollen gums, gums that bleed easily when chewing or brushing your teeth, and even tooth and gum sensitivity. Metro East Dental Care offers periodontal therapy if your dentist finds that you might be at risk for gum disease.

Restoring Damaged Teeth

If you have any teeth that have become damaged, either my normal wear and tear, or from some sort of dental trauma, restoring your teeth should be at the top of your list. When you have a damaged or missing tooth, it can cause your bite to become misaligned, and that can lead to pain when chewing, or even jaw pain. If you have a cavity, it is important to get it filled as soon as it’s discovered so your dentist can prevent the cavity from growing. If left untreated, a cavity could require a more painful dental procedure, like a root canal, or the tooth may need to be extracted, and then a denture or implant will be needed.

Reviewing Your Dental Benefits

Do you know what your dental insurance covers? Just like you review your car insurance or your medical insurance, you should take a look at what your dental insurance plan covers. What are your deductibles? Are orthodontics for adults covered?

If you need dental work done, and your insurance doesn’t cover the complete cost, speak with our office to see if there is a way we can help make dental care more affordable for you and your family.

Start off your new year with a dental visit!

The best way to start off your new year is by making an appointment at Metro East Dental Care for your biannual dental evaluation. We can start your year off right with a thorough cleaning and polishing of your teeth to make sure you are smiling bright in the new year! Contact us today to schedule an appointment!