Gather ‘round and get ready to read!

If you have children who are bookworms, they have access to a plethora of knowledge because there are books on every subject you can think of. If your little one is due a dental checkup, they may also have questions. Have you thought about sharing some books about going to the dentist with your children?

Hit up the library.

If you’re looking for a place to find books about going to the dentist, hit up your local library. A librarian will be able to give you recommendations on books that are age-appropriate for your children. They can also help you pick out a title that is easy enough for your child to read on their own. Librarians are also great at suggesting their favorite books on the subject!

Or better yet, ask them for these 10 of our favorite titles about visiting the dentist.

1. “The Tooth Book” by Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss is known for his silly books that rhyme, and “The Tooth Book” is just another example of how he relates to children through his writing. In this book, Dr. Seuss explains what teeth do, and also how to care for them.

2. “The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist” by Stan and Jan Berenstain

Follow along with a classic children’s favorite, the Berenstain Bears, as they visit a dental office and learn about dental tools, and what goes into a dental evaluation. If you purchase the book, it comes with 50 bonus stickers!

3. In Our Neighborhood: “Meet a Dentist” by AnneMarie Anderson

Part of the In Our Neighborhood series, “Meet a Dentist” takes our characters, Emma and Theo, on an adventure through places in the neighborhood. This stop includes the dentist, where Emma and Theo learn about what a dentist does, and why their job is important.

4. “I Have a Cavity” by Lisa M. Herrington

While good brushing is important for everyone, sometimes cavities can happen to the best of brushers. This book, written in an age-appropriate way, details what a trip to the dentist is like, and what the process of getting a cavity taken care of entails. This book helps children realize that the dentist isn’t scary, nor is getting a cavity, and, in fact, getting a filling can help keep your teeth in tip-top shape.

5. “Curious George Visits the Dentist” by H.A. Rey

Everyone’s favorite monkey, Curious George, is experiencing a toothache, so his owner, the man in the yellow hat, takes Curious George to the dentist to learn about dental hygiene and how to make his tooth feel better. Curious George learns that the dentist isn’t a scary place at all!

6. “Just Going to the Dentist” by Mercer Mayer

This Little Critter Golden Book is a perfect read for young and old alike! In this story, Little Critter visits the dentist and gets X-rays and his teeth cleaned. We also learn what happens when a cavity needs to be filled. Parents probably read this book as a child, so relive those memories with your children!

7. “Why We Go to the Dentist” by Rosalyn Clark

Looking for a book that shows real-life people visiting the dentist? This book is a must-read! Using high-resolution photos of actual patients at the dentist, this book explains, in an age-appropriate way, what happens at the dentist, along with what tools a dentist uses. Since this book uses real photos, your child can relate to being the person in the book.

8. “Ready, Freddy! Tooth Trouble” by Abby Klein

Freddy is worried because he is the only student in his class who hasn’t lost a tooth yet. “Ready Freddy! Tooth Trouble” explains that everyone loses their teeth on their own schedule, and there is no need to rush the process! The book also touches on the bullying that Freddy is experiencing from his classmates.

9. “The Night Before The Dentist” by Natasha Wing

Part of The Night Before series, “The Night Before The Dentist” has the main character preparing for his dental visit the next day. He brushes his teeth the night before and day of, and also details his visit to the dentist.

10. “The Tooth Book” by Edward Miller

Want to prepare before you head to the dentist? The Tooth Book explains to children how to take care of their teeth on a daily basis so that they can have a good checkup when they head to see Dr. May and the team at Metro East Dental Care!

Don’t forget to visit Metro East Dental Care twice a year.

After you’ve gotten your reading on, now it’s time to experience the dental office for yourself! Stop by Metro East Dental Care to see Dr. Christopher May and his team at least twice a year so they can make sure your smile is dazzling and in tip-top shape. And if you are ever looking for a book recommendation, don’t hesitate to ask us!