What Sets Us Apart

Anxiety-Free Dental Care: We’ll Keep You Smiling!

At Metro East Dental Care, we know the thought of visiting the dentist can be daunting for some people. If that includes you, we can help!

Our practice is built on the idea that caring for one’s smile should be a stress-free experience, from making the appointment through every element of the visit. We’re here to serve, help, and support you and will ensure you achieve optimal dental health ... and enjoy visiting us, too!

Dr. Christopher May and our dental team are experienced, skilled caregivers. We’re also warm, compassionate, and gentle: We promise to care for you and your family as we’d care for our own family members.

Why Choose Metro East Dental Care?

  • We take the time to get to know you. Your complimentary consultation will be spent with Dr. May. This is so he can learn who you are and about your dental goals and concerns, and you can get to know him, too!
  • We make your comfort the top priority. We offer an inviting, home-like environment throughout the office, with comfortable surroundings and calm, encouraging, reassuring attention from our team. All of our treatment rooms offer laughing gas to help nervous patients relax, along with neck pillows, blankets, and supportive, plush dental chair cushions. If there’s ever anything you need to make a visit easier, let us know!
  • We are family-friendly and welcome parents into the treatment area. We have a special “on deck” area where parents can be close to their children during treatment and be able to talk with the son or daughter throughout the procedure. This can be reassuring to little ones as well as to their parents. It’s also an opportunity for Dr. May and our team to talk with the family about the child’s dental health and any areas of concern. Taking care of your family’s smiles is a team project, and we all need to be on the same page!
  • We firmly believe an informed patient is empowered to make the best decisions about his or her health. We will teach you how to improve your homecare, develop healthier habits, and make sure you understand the connection between the health of your body and your mouth. We want you to achieve overall wellness for the best quality of life!
  • We offer treatment recommendations based on what’s best for your unique clinical needs, personal concerns, and care goals. We never recommend a procedure you don’t want or need, and won’t try and sell you on a service. Instead, we present all the information, including financials, and answer your questions. Then you decide what’s right for you: This is your smile and you’re in charge!

Schedule a Consultation Today

Please contact our Granite City, IL family-friendly dental office to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. May!

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