Best Summer Break Boredom Busters From Metro East Dental Care

Believe it or not, the “Mom/Dad, I’m bored” season — more commonly referred to as summer break — is over before you know it. Where the time goes, we have no idea. You’ve probably already had a couple of picnics, or maybe even hosted a backyard movie night for your kids and their friends. Or you probably made arrangements for a staycation. But were those activities enough to hold your little ones over until the new school year begins? No worries! Metro East Dental has put together a couple of great boredom busters … just in case.

1. DIY Dinosaur Fossils

It makes sense to start off our list of summer fun activities with an easy theme that fascinates children of all ages: dinosaur fossils. And there’s no better hands-on activity that will keep your kids engaged than making fossils from scratch. All you need to get started is salt dough, a couple of dinosaur toys, and some paint. Check out this video tutorial for a step-by-step tutorial.

2. Paint With Frozen Paint Pops

Finger-painting? Check. Painting with a sponge? Your kids’ artwork still hangs on your fridge. Painting with frozen paint pops? Now that one your kids have probably never heard of, which makes it a perfect activity for them to do in their rooms on those too-hot-to-go-outside days. Simply mix food coloring, liquid watercolors, or water-based paints with water, then pour the colored water into several popsicle molds. Let them sit in the freezer for at least 24 hours, then you can hand them out to your kids whenever they want to paint with frozen paint pops.

3. Have a Family Read-a-Thon

A read-a-thon is a perfect summer break activity, particularly during a heatwave when you want your kids to stay out of the sun. What’s more? It’s easy to set one up. Ideal for children of all ages, you can even invite friends and family to participate. To start, decide with your family members when you’d like to have your read-a-thon. Let everyone fill a basket or a box with the books they’d like to read, and on the day, you can read aloud altogether or everyone can read by themselves. Take advantage of this special time to read as many books as you can.

4. Create a Family Bike Obstacle Course 

Parents everywhere know the struggle between letting their kids explore the world around them and trying to keep them safe. With a driveway bicycle course, we may have something that accomplishes both things at once. Think about it: a family bike driveway obstacle course. It’s just adventurous enough to keep the kids entertained and close enough for your peace of mind — a win-win. Your bike obstacle can be as simple as a few cones, some chalk markings, and a ramp, or you may choose to check out these Pinterest boards for ideas to make this summer activity even more challenging. The whole family will have a great time either way.

5. Upcycle Hula Hoops

Hula hoops are toys that every kid seems to have but doesn’t play with often. Enter upcycling hula hoops, a fun, hands-on project you can recommend to older kids with a crafty side. With this tutorial, your child can create a hula hoop nook in the yard that provides shade from the sun as they play outdoor games. You can even put the canopy shade over your little one’s bed so your child can sleep like a true princess. Or upcycle your hula hoops into a picture frame to hang on the wall for displaying all the artwork your kids do during summer break. 

6. Have an Upside-Down Puppet Show

Want to entertain your kids and give them a good ole belly laugh this summer break? Have an upside-down puppet show. As this video demonstrates, everyone would draw eyes on their chin and lay upside down on a comfortable piece of furniture that lets you see everybody else. Next, drape a towel over your eyes and nose and take turns talking (or even singing). Really anything that gets the mouth moving all around and the rest of the family cracking up is fair game.

7. Make Candy Necklaces 

Whether you want to spice up your read-a-thon or create a portable snack for your family obstacle bike course, making candy necklaces is the perfect way to do it. Have the kids string up gummy bears, pretzels, fruit loops, or cheerios, and you can make necklaces and bracelets that double as an afternoon snack. Now, you’re probably wondering why your favorite dentist’s blog lists making candy necklaces as an activity to keep the kids busy during summer break. It’s simple, really; this DIY project will keep your little one’s hands busy and will make them feel like they’re getting a lot more candy than they actually are. So while it sounds counterintuitive, in this case, playing with your food is the best course of action when it comes to protecting your child’s smile. But if you’re concerned about any underlying dental issues, feel free to book an appointment with us. Our team is here to listen, address your concerns, answer your questions, and help you and your family enjoy the lifetime benefits of a healthy smile.