Why You’ll Love Professional Teeth Whitening

Are you still using store-bought whitening kits to brighten your smile? Ditch the whitening strips and upgrade your smile self-care sessions with a professional tooth whitening kit. Professional kits provided by Dr. May are much more effective in helping you achieve a smile that looks bright, attractive, and confident.

Here are 5 reasons why professional products are the best teeth whitening solution.

1. Quicker Results

Products like store-bought whitening strips rarely reward the time you dedicate to your smile. Not only are whitening strips messy, but they have to be used daily over the course of several weeks, only to achieve subpar results in the end.

Professional tooth whitening products yield brighter results in less time, making them a much more valuable time investment. Our at-home whitening kits are typically worn for an hour a day for an initial course of two to three weeks, although your unique treatment plan may involve longer durations.

Although store-bought and professional at-home kits both require daily wear for a short period of time, the similarities end there. Professional products will always yield brighter and more reliable results, and you’ll notice the change in your smile sooner.

2. Results Last Longer

Not only will your tooth enamel whiten more quickly with professional products, but your results will also last longer.

Store-bought products often need to be repeatedly used to maintain a bright smile. Your smile will still need maintenance to sustain the brighter professional tooth whitening results, but you’ll be able to go longer before touch-ups are necessary.

Depending on your diet and lifestyle habits, once you’ve achieved your desired shade with professional treatment, you can often go at least six months to a year before your smile needs to be re-whitened.

3. Even Whitening

An all-too-common issue with store-bought whitening products is the patchy results they often cause. Stained teeth are frustrating enough, but teeth with patches of uneven brightness alongside yellowing can be even more distracting or embarrassing.

The reason store-bought products lead to uneven results is usually a combination of product strength and user error. Whitening products found in stores aren’t as effective as professional products, and clumsy application methods (i.e. goopy strips) make it very difficult to coat each tooth completely and evenly. Even if you’re very careful during application, there’s a high risk you’ll miss some parts of your teeth, especially near the gum line.

Metro East Dental Care’s professional whitening kits use custom trays properly fitted to your teeth. Applying the whitening product to the tray, and popping them into your mouth is a breeze. Not only are the trays comfortable to wear, but you’ll see very even results.

It’s important to note that dental restorations, like fillings or crowns, are made of materials that can’t be brightened with any whitening product. If your smile’s uneven color is due to a too-dark restoration, Dr. May can repair or replace it to match the desired brightness you’d like to maintain.

4. Deeper Whitening

Tooth stains are either intrinsic or extrinsic in nature. Intrinsic stains are inside the tooth and often occur from dental injuries or excessive fluoridation in childhood. Extrinsic stains are on the outside of the tooth’s enamel and occur from staining by foods and beverages, tobacco use, and normal yellowing from simply living life.

Intrinsic stains can only be covered with a cosmetic or restorative solution, but stubborn extrinsic stains can be removed with professional whitening products. Store-bought whitening products often do a poor job of removing stubborn discoloration because the ingredients simply can’t penetrate the enamel deeply enough.

If you love coffee, black tea, or wine, smoke tobacco, or often eat highly pigmented foods like beets, carrots, or curries, professional teeth whitening products will be able to remove these stains in a way other products can’t.

5.  Enamel is Protected

The most important advantage of professional tooth whitening products versus store-bought or DIY options is safety. Tooth enamel is strong but not invincible. Harsh ingredients and overuse of non-professional whitening products can lead to enamel erosion and irritation or burning of your gum tissue.

Our professional tooth whitening kits are approved by the American Dental Association and deemed safe by Dr. May. When used according to your dentist’s recommendations, your enamel will be protected, and your gum tissue will be kept safe with the custom-fitted trays. You’ll be able to enjoy your smile without worry that your oral health may be in any way negatively affected.

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Are you eager to have a brighter, whiter smile while also protecting your oral health?

Dr. May can help you start on an effective teeth whitening program using professional products you can use in the comfort of your own home. Schedule your consultation today to take the first step toward a more confident smile.