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Dental Implants - Collinsville & Granite City


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Why would you need dental implants if you have a missing tooth or two? Without all your teeth, chewing and eating can become more difficult and begin to hurt. When back teeth are missing, there's an increased chance that your teeth may shift and put more pressure the rest of your mouth. Over time, a destabilized mouth resulting from missing teeth can also cause more pressure on your jaw joint, and cause you pain.

A dental implant is a new tooth made of porcelain, which is bonded to a precious metal or ceramic substructure that looks just like your natural tooth. A dental implant is composed of three main parts: the titanium implant body to replace the missing root, the buildup that screws into the root portion and the tooth-colored crown cemented on top of the implant buildup. With dental implants, no one will ever have to know you have a replacement tooth!

In addition to replacing missing teeth, implants may be used to anchor dentures, especially lower dentures that tend to shift when you talk or chew. For patients with removable partial dentures, implants are a good choice for replacing missing teeth while giving a more natural looking smile.

Request a complimentary consultation today with Dr. Kent or Dr. Kathy Splaingard to ask about how dental implants can help restore your smile!

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